About The Site

HR Partners salary portal is a specialist salary exchange website designed specifically to help employees in the HR profession. The site was specifically developed for Australian Human Resource Professionals to share salary and remuneration intelligence and help them ascertain what people in the HR profession are really earning.

The site delivers relevant, real time salary data.

Salary information is entered online by HR professionals and compiled anonymously so that other HR professionals, free of charge, can determine how their salary compares to their colleagues.

All salary data is shown ‘live’ (in real time) – so the moment salary data is entered it becomes available to the entire community. Finally a website that delivers up to the minute salary data for the HR profession at your fingertips!

Importantly, the impact of factors such as company size, gender, location, industry, years of experience, and number of direct reports can also be included in salary searches to ensure the most accurate and relevant salary data is delivered to you.

The information is 100% free for anyone to view. 

A full search engine with some of the HR sector's BEST JOBS is also available as part of this salary portal. Search or browse these jobs now.

HR Partners has re-licensed the salary portal technology from Australian firm - Quinntessential Marketing.

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